International Team of 3D Animation Artists utilized for latest Hair Club Show

    3D Head Scan Animation

Once again, working with our long-time client, Canvas Films was tasked with coming up with new creative and visual ideas for the latest Hair Club infomercial, Real Stories. The client’s demands where clear; design and create a new show that looked nothing like any previous body of work or anything that any other competitor has done in the past.

Taking on this challenge, Canvas Films worked with an international team of engineers and 3D modelers from across the Globe to produce a new way to represent the many stages of hair loss.

“Canvas Films prides itself on utilizing the latest technology and techniques to ensure our shows are not only cutting-edge, but are also highly effective, informative, and generate ROI to our clients,” said executive producer and director, Anthony Foy of Canvas Films.

3d animation

3D Body Scan Showing Hair Loss

To produce a new way of showing the Norwood Hair Loss Scale within the latest Hair Club infomercial, Canvas Films worked with the leading-edge human body scanning company in the UK. Canvas Films, working with London model agencies, cast a local British model and had his entire upper torso scanned into a 10,000 x 10,000 pixel 3D photo-realistic computer model.  Canvas Films then partnered with one of the top 3D hair animators in the business, located in Spain, to create 4 various stages of hair loss and hair re-population due to surgical and non-surgical options to show throughout the latest Hair Club show.

Knowing that today’s audience expect top-notch graphics and animations to match what they see in any Hollywood movie, Canvas Films ensures that they use the latest technology available to give all their infomercial shows that “wow” factor.

Watch Hair Club’s “Real Stories” Here.



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