REVITIVE Medic DRTV Shoot with tennis legend Billie Jean King

REVITIVE Medic, based out of London, England, teamed up with Canvas Films to produce a series of DRTV spot starring tennis icon Billie Jean King.

more March 17 2017 18:57

RED EPIC Crew for Garmin Approach Golf Watch


For the 5th year in a row, Garmin’s in-house production team hired the production crew and grip and lighting services at Canvas Films for their latest south florida commercial shoot.

more November 13 2014 16:35

HD Camera Crews for Marriott Google Hang-Out

Webcast Video Production South Florida

For their recent Google Hangout Webcast, “Palm Beach vs Miami” Marriott hired the HD Camera Crew and Grip and Lighting experts at Canvas Films to supply the crew and equipment for the live feed.

more September 12 2014 14:47

South Florida Music Video Production for 2 Live Crew’s “Take It Off”

Having shot many of the classic 2 Live Crew Miami music videos back in the 90’s, music director Tas Salini teamed up once again with Canvas Films to shoot their latest video, “Take It Off”.

more June 18 2014 14:46

International Team of 3D Animation Artists utilized for latest Hair Club Show

3D Head Scan Animation

Once again, working with our long-time client, Canvas Films was tasked with coming up with new creative and visual ideas for the latest Hair Club infomercial, Real Stories. The client’s demands where clear; design and create a new show that looked nothing like any previous body of work or anything that any other competitor has done in the past.

more May 2 2014 14:33

Canvas Films selected as a winner for the 34th Annual Telly Awards

The Telly Awards has named Canvas Films as a Bronze winner in the 34th Annual Telly Awards for their piece titled “Can You Tell.”   With nearly 11,000 entries from all 50 states and numerous countries, this is truly an honor.

more June 18 2013 18:51

Behind the Scenes: GI Joe 2 Network Promos

red one production crew in south florida

Working with a director from the LA company Fuzzbusters and executives from Paramount Studios, Canvas Films was hired to provide all needed production services, crew, studio location and sets/props  for a promo shoot for the upcoming blockbuster movie, GI Joe 2.

more February 27 2013 21:42

Miami Grip and Lighting Services provided for commercial

When’s ad agency was looking to shoot their latest campaign in South Florida using the Arri Alexa,  they teamed up Canvas Films to secure all the locations, equipment and crew.

more February 21 2013 20:53

Behind the Scenes: MyLooks

MyLooks, a new plastic surgery medical group, came to Canvas Films after seeing our previous campaigns for companies such as SonoBello and Lifestyle Lift.

more December 10 2012 20:08

Direct Response Video Production for the Power Pulse

When Tara Productions is looking to produce high end DRTV commercials for their clients they come to the professionals at Canvas Films to get them the shoots they require.

more December 10 2012 19:56


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