Corporate: Maine Pointe | Corporate Interviews

Canvas Films produced a series of corporate interviews for Maine Pointe, a business consulting firm, at various corporations located around the United States.

more March 17 2017 16:02

Corporate: KEMET | Quality Corporate Communication

Canvas Films produced a series of corporate communications for Kemet, an international capacitor manufacturing company.

more July 1 2016 14:29

Corporate: Hair Club | Sales Video

Canvas Films produced an updated sales video for Hair Club that is used to inform perspective new clients about their options and services.

more June 12 2016 13:59

Corporate: Greyson International | 3 Various Corporate Video Productions

Greyson International | Corporate Video Production Miami

When Greyson International needed a new set of 3 different corporate videos to introduce their product, Trilexon, they came to Canvas Films to help produce, shoot and edit the videos they needed.

more November 4 2013 21:20

Corporate: Granite Transformations

High Definition Corporate Sizzle Reel

Canvas Films was tasked by Granite Transformations to come up with an exciting way to present their newest factory line at their annual convention.

more July 13 2012 18:08

Corporate: Broward County Film Commission

Miami Ft. Lauderdale Hi Def Camera Crew

When the Broward County Film Commission was looking for a Ft. Lauderdale Production Company to put together a sizzle reel showing off Broward’s unique, compelling and picturesque locations, they came to experienced crew at Canvas Films to produce them a video they would use to market Broward county worldwide.

more April 6 2012 18:06

Corporate : St Regis

St. Regis - Corporate Sales Video created in Miami, Florida

When St. Regis Resort and Residence in Bal Harbour was looking to creates a corporate sales video to assist in selling condos in their soon to be open towers they called on the corporate video experts at Canvas Films to produce, direct, write, shoot and edit a high end HD sales tool that would fit within the 5 – star St. Regis style.

more August 15 2011 19:02

Corporate : Royal Concrete for Schools

Miami Corporate Video Production Company

Royal Concrete, the premier producer of prefabricated concrete structures, called on Canvas Films to create for them a corporate sales presentation video they could use to inform new clients about the benefits of their construction techniques.

more August 1 2011 19:05

Corporate : Faces Me

Sales Video Production in Miami Florida

When the creator of FacesMe wanted to introduce to the market his unique and orginal product, he came to Canvas Films to produce a video he could show on his website to prospective customers and to use to show buying managers to convince them to stock it in their stores.

more July 30 2011 20:05

Corporate : Royal Concrete Residential

Corporate Sales Video Production Company in Miami

Royal Concrete Concepts – Think of the Possibilities.  Canvas Films was hired by Royal Concrete Concepts to complete 2 sales videos to assist in their sales and marketing efforts.

more June 15 2011 20:09


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