Direct Response: Hair Club – “Real Stories”

Long Form Infomercial Production Company South Florida

Wanting to update their marketing for 2014, Canvas Films and Hair Club collaborated to produce this new informercial called, “Real Stories.”

more June 12 2014 13:54

Direct Response: SonoBello – Trisculpt Infomercial

SonoBello Direct Response TV Campaign

Sonobello, a leading body contour company, came to Canvas Films to help improve their market share in the cities where they are located.

more April 5 2012 20:35

Direct Response: Better Trades – Long Form

Financial DRTV Infomercial created in South Florida

A financial Direct Response infomercial created for Better Trades

more August 27 2011 23:13

Direct Response: Plenus – Long Form

Plenus Weight Loss Supplement

A Direct Response film for Plenus.

more August 20 2011 20:18

Direct Response: Lifestyle Lift – Long Form

Lifestyle Lift | Beauty DRTV Production Company

A Direct Response film for Lifestyle Lift

more August 10 2011 22:58

Direct Response: Hair Club Medical Group – Long Form

direct response production company

Hair Club Medical Group, the surgical side of Hair Club for Men, wanted a long form informercial to specifically target potential hair transplant clients.

more July 6 2011 18:25


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