Behind The Scenes : Sono Bello Pt. 2

For part 2 of the SonoBello infomercial shoot,  we transformed our studio to a “surreal”-looking set and shot our amazing host for their DRTV campaign.

more September 2 2011 22:12

Behind The Scenes : Celebrities at Canvas Films

white cyc commercial studio

Some photos of just a few of the celebrities that Canvas Films has worked with over the years.

more August 30 2011 20:27

Behind The Scenes : Sono Bello Pt. 1

Canvas Films’ newest client Sono Bello began part 1 of a 4 part shoot during a weekend in August. From studio testimonials to b-roll at 5 different locations

more August 29 2011 14:58

Behind The Scenes : Hair Club

Canvas Films handled a huge 7 day shoot for Hair Club for Men and Women.  From wrangling talent, to securing location and hiring all necessary crew and

more August 23 2011 21:18

Behind The Scenes : Ab-Roller

Canvas Films was hired by a fellow local DRTV production company to shot outdoor b-roll and product demo shots for a new Ab machine coming to the market.

more August 23 2011 21:13

Behind The Scenes : The Glades

Canvas Films was brought on The Glades set to assist the Broward Film Commission with interviewing the shows producers and stars.

more August 23 2011 20:16

Behind The Scenes : Bruce Campbell – The Fall of Sam Axe

Here’s some shots from a promo done for USA Broadcasting for their movie Burn Notice: The Fall of Sam Axe.

more August 22 2011 21:44

Behind The Scenes : Sean Kingston

A green screen – music video shoot for rapper Sean Kingston in our Ft. Lauderdale Florida video production studio.

more August 22 2011 18:03

Behind The Scenes : Allianz

Canvas Films recently completed production on a large scale commercial for the insurance giant, Alliance. Working with co-producers from Korea, Canvas Films produced a 30 sec commercial for the American and Korean markets.

more August 22 2011 17:46

Behind The Scenes : Lifestyle Lift

Over the course of a few months we shot before and after interview testimonials for Lifestyle Lift. Using our studio and some “movie magic” we made each

more July 30 2011 21:03


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