Commercial: Granite Transformations | 2013 – 2014 National Ad Campaign

    Granite Transformation Commercials

For their 2013-2014 National Ad Campaign, Granite Transformations came to HD Commercial Production experts at Canvas Films South Florida Studio to create 6 new :30 and :15 second spots for broadcast.

HD Commercial Video Production

Kitchen Set for Granite Transformations

Building a full-sized kitchen and bathroom set inside our 2500 sq. foot video production studio, Canvas Films shot the all the spots using our RED-ONE MX 4K digitial cinema camera and numerous other grip and lighting gear. Our award-winning post-production staff then edited together numerous :30 and :15 second spot that we then individual tagged for each market Granite Transformations has  franchisees within.

View the different spots here:

Spot #1
Spot #2
Spot #3
Spot #4



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