Digital Cinema Workflow

RED ARRI SONY Digital Cinema Accelerated Workflow

Miami Ft. Lauderdale Digital Cinema Facility

Canvas Films was one of the first production companies in South Florida to enter the Digital Cinema workspace when we purchased one of the original RED 4k cinema camera. Since then the digital cinema marketplace has exploded with the likes of Arri, Sony, Blackmagic Design, AJA and many more. Using our long experience in working with digital cinema workflows, we have the process down to a science. When you shoot with Canvas Films and and digital cinema source, we don’t just send you on your way with your footage and wish you good luck. We assist our clients by having mastered numerous different workflows to help you start editing right away. No matter what your situation we have a workflow that will work for you.

We can provide the best techs in South Florida with the appropriate hardware and software packages that fit your needs.

We offer:

• 2 TB Raid1 G-Safe Harddrive to ensure all your footage is immediately backed-up and secure on shoot day

DaVinci Resolve  for all of your one light and/or color correction needs

• LTO-5 backup system for complete piece of mind in case any of your master footage harddrives ever fail


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