Canvas Films Launches Hawkeye Cinema Aerial Video Service

When filmmakers and corporate marketing professionals want to get that expansive shot from the air, they typically call in full size helicopters or massive & expensive camera jibs. This could all change and potentially for the better thanks to modern technology that is being offered by Canvas Films’ newest department, Hawkeye Cinema.

Canvas Films’ Hawkeye Cinema is pleased to announce their newest tool in the social media, corporate marketing, commercial and film-making business. Introducing the low-altitude radio controlled octo-copter. This RC copter is capable of shooting with industry standard cameras ranging from the RED EPIC to Sony FS100/700 or even the Canon D7/D5. Canvas Films’ Hawkeye Cinema will be able to offer to not only film producers, music video directors, and production companies, but also golf courses, vacation resorts or any other marketing departments a high quality and affordable aerial service.

Flying and Filming

Utilizing the latest state-of-the-art RC Octocopter technology and a fully integrated groundstation that provides video downlink, camera control and main control of the system via standard radio transmitter, Canvas Films’ Hawkeye Cinema is taking the aerial art form to a new level at an affordable price. Any filmmaker or video producer with an eye for aesthetics knows what helicopter shots can add to the look of a film and now they are available for any production at a very affordable price.

Our experienced RC pilots and cameramen work in-tandem to get you the shot that will make your audience go, Wow!

No longer are you restricted to the traditional helicopter budgets, flight plan requirements and fuel cost that are unpredictable and extremely expensive.  Using our low-altitude, battery-powered long distance RC copter, Canvas Films’ Hawkeye Cinema will quickly become a part of your regular filmmaking and marketing toolkit.

Simply call (954.767.87.66) or email us and find exactly why Canvas Films’ HawkEye Cinema RC division is the right choice for your production. Enhance your video, film or web site and get the shots you never imagined you could achieve.


Camera Mount

Camera Mount

Who Can Benefit:

•  TV Commercials
• Independent Films
• Resorts
• Golf Courses
• High-End Real Estate Marketing
• Corporate Marketing Videos

Technical Specs:

• 500m range whisper-quiet, battery powered Radio Controlled Octocopter
• Wireless video link for instant viewing during flight
• RED Epic // Sony FS100/700 // Canon 5D/7D
• Experienced RC Octocopter pilot and cameraman
• Up to 20 minutes of flight time per battery depending on camera size




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