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Canvas Films recently completed production on a large-scale advertising campaign for one of their on-going clients, Hair Club. The production was a new campaign from the upcoming fall session. Pre-production and planning began as early as February this year and continued until the first day of shooting in May.

DP Philip Ruesch and Director Anthoy Foy

“Organizing 60 people including cast and crew was a fun undertaking, especially when fifteen of the cast were not professional actors, but actual Hair Club clients. You feel for these people, from all across the states, who are juggling their day jobs and family commitments so they can fly into Ft Lauderdale for this project” says Canvas Films production coordinator, Nina White.

The productions took place all around Ft Lauderdale where Canvas Films’ facility is based. The shooting was scheduled for seven days, six of which were on location and ending on the seventh day at the Canvas Films studios.

Locations scattered across Ft Lauderdale beach where surfers, jet skiers, rock climbers, volleyball and basketball players, as well as some underwater ocean scenes, were all shot throughout the day.



The crew prepares for an outdoor shoot

Production also included locations at Hollywood Beach Golf & C.C. and several local multi-million dollar homes. “Finding places to shoot in South Florida is always interesting in that we need to match each location to each project and each project is so different from the next. Thankfully there is great diversity here with dozens of different looks to our local area. It’s also amazing how much people are ready and willing to open up their homes to film crews,” says Anthony Foy, Producer/Director for Canvas Films.

At one particular home, Canvas Films spent half of their filming time underwater in a spacious back garden pool on the Intercostals waterway. “Shooting 35mm film underwater always brings with it complications. Not only are we looking for the right look and constantly fighting the sun, but safety for the cast and crew is always at the front of my mind, especially with a half dozen lights and a mile of cable going around the pool” says Philip C. Ruesch, Director of Photography from Canvas Films.

The entire production was shot using Arri super 35mm cameras and Kodak Vision2 film stock. All of the footage was then color graded on the DaVinci Resolve color correction system and transferred to HD cam for final editing. Editing took place within Canvas Films HD edit suites. Approximately, 160 hours in postproduction was used to complete this project.

The clients were extremely pleased with the turn out, and the new advertising campaign is currently on the air.

To see more behind the scenes photos visit our photo gallery.





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